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Place Cards

place card

Place cards are an easy way for your guests to know where they are to sit. There is no need to use place cards if you do not wish to assign your guests to specific seats. A suggestion: print the name of your guest on both sides of the place card. This will help the other guests at each table to remember one another’s name. Remember, you can be really creative when you develop your seating arrangements.

The format typically used when writing your guest's name on the place card is to write their entire name, beginning with a salutation on the place card, i.e., “Mr. Kenneth Johnson”. However, you can also use “Mr. K. Johnson” or “Kenneth Johnson”. To personalize your place cards and to make it fun, try using a nickname for guests you know very well. This would also add an element of surprise for other guests as they tried to figure out who the person was. If you want to do something a little more unique, instead of using place cards, try using a tag with your guests name on a personalized favor or you can even do this with menus. Remember, the possibilities are endless.

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